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Williams Thompson
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We pride ourselves in combining traditional values with a friendly, modern approach and high standards of professional practice.

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Who We Are

We are a firm of Solicitors based in Christchurch.

Mr Williams and Mr Thompson were previous owners of the firm and, as tradition has it in legal firms, we have retained their names and now run the firm as a limited liability partnership under the name of “Williams Thompson Solicitors LLP”.

The firm is wholly owned by our five partners, all of whom work in and have invested in the business. You will see us under Meet the Team.

Including our partners, we have six qualified Solicitors and thirteen support staff, the majority of whom have been with the firm many years.

We are a long established Christchurch firm – and by that we mean we can trace our roots back to 1836!

That does not mean we are not up-to-date. Far from it.  We have invested significantly in the latest technology to ensure that we can support our clients with the benefit of some of the latest software systems available.

Our clients come from all walks of life and we have long relationships with many of them, some going back over generations. However we are always happy to welcome new clients to the firm and hope that we will be able to build new long term relationships with them.

Whilst many of our client’s live in Christchurch and the surrounding areas, we have others who come from across the country including London. In particular, our reputation in family law attracts clients from across the Bournemouth conurbation, the New Forest and wider afield.

Our pride is the quality of our Solicitors and staff and the quality of the work and client care we can provide.

Our Philosophy

No-one can be excellent in everything.

Recognising that, we concentrate in just three areas of law.

It means we are experts in those three areas and can provide you with a first class service.

It means our Solicitors and support staff have built up a detailed knowledge of their particular specialisation, and it is the quality of our Solicitors and staff that is our strength. If you read through the biographies attached to this web-page, you will see what we mean.

In each of our three areas of work, both the law and practice change frequently. Due to our specialisations, you can be confident that you will get the best, up-to-date advice.

It also enables us to concentrate our investment on these three areas.  As a result we have some of the latest software and support programmes to enhance the services we provide.

If you ask us to act for you, your matter will be dealt with by a fully qualified Solicitor who, wherever possible, will see the matter through from start to finish with the support of their respective assistants. You will not find it passed to a series of para-legals which is a problem with many larger firms. The only exception to this is that with our commitment to training, we might ask our trainee to assist on occasion.

Also, please note that we do not pay (or receive) commissions. Accordingly if you have been recommended to us, it is a genuine recommendation based on our reputation for good quality work (and not because of a payment being made, which unfortunately is now common in some areas of work).

Finally, we are a long established firm. We mention this only to distinguish ourselves from the many “here today, gone tomorrow” businesses that now proliferate on the internet and elsewhere.

If you use our services, we hope it will be the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

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Family & Divorce

Our Family & Divorce department is recognised as one of the leading family law practices in the South and provides specialist services for anyone involved in the breakdown of a relationship. We are often recommended by other firms of Solicitors from across the region.

Residential Property

Our clients come from all walks of life. As well as acting for families we have served for generations, we are happy to act for new clients including those who have just moved to the area.

Wills & Probate

Our Wills & Probate department offers a range of services appropriate to the needs of people in later life and their relatives and also deals with the administration of estates following death.

Commercial Property

We have a wealth of expertise in property, with a well established commercial department.