Administration of the Estate


When a loved one dies, the task of dealing with their estate and finances can seem overwhelming.

As well as registering the death and organising the funeral, there is then the question of how to deal with their belongings, their savings and investments and maybe their property – as well as the considering the tax implications that apply.

Our Solicitors are here to ease the burden in any way we can, from dealing with the tax aspects and/or probate application to managing the entire administration on your behalf.

Whilst there may be a well intentioned temptation to deal with matters oneself, we know this can often lead to problems and we believe a loved one deserves a well managed administration and that we can help achieve that.

If there is a Will
If there is a Will, then there will be Executors appointed who will have the legal authority to deal with the administration of the estate.

If you are appointed Executor, taking up that role means you are taking on legal responsibilities to ensure the estate is administered correctly. Depending on the assets in the estate, you may need to make a court application for probate and, in all but the smallest of estates, the tax implications of the death need to be dealt with (both income tax and inheritance tax need to be considered).

In many estates, the process of registering the death, completing the Inheritance and income tax returns, obtaining the probate and collecting in and distributing the assets can be a significant task. Our experience in knowing how to deal with matters in the best and most efficient way can often save time and sometimes significant tax.

If there is no Will
If there is no Will in place, then who has the authority to deal with the administration and who is entitled to share in the deceased’s assets will depend on the laws of intestacy which have recently been update by legislation.

We believe it is very important that in these circumstances you should seek our advice early on to ensure that you are acting correctly and with the appropriate authority. It will usually be important for an application to be made for Letters of Administration to confirm who is entitled to deal with matters and we will be able to advise and assist you in this.

Free Initial No Obligation Meeting
All estates are different, and in all cases we invite you contact us to arrange a free no obligation initial meeting with one of our Solicitor so we can discuss what needs to be done and whether we are able to help you.