Making your will

Your Will could be the most important document you ever sign. Here at Williams Thompson Solicitors, we believe it is essential to spend time to make sure that it is absolutely right.

Many Wills can be straightforward and can be prepared quite easily but for many, there are several additional considerations that need to be taken into account:-

Cohabitating Couples

Those with Second Families

Inheritance Tax Planning

Effecting Planning for the future and Care Home Funding

Regardless of circumstance, an appropriately and carefully drafted Will can ensure your assets pass to your loved ones in the most efficient way possible.

If you are thinking of preparing a Will, please contact us. We normally suggest that you have a meeting with one of our solicitors or experienced assistants to discuss your specific circumstances. For those who work full time, live away from the area or would find it difficult to reach us due to health reasons, we are happy to offer home visits where applicable.