Ways of resolving issues

Once we have identified the main problems and issues that need to be resolved, we will also have a discussion with you as to what is the best way of approaching any negotiations that need to take place.

Most people are keen to resolve matters in as amicable way as possible.

We are well aware that the way in which your matter is dealt with can have a long term effect on your future relationship with your former partner. This is especially important when there are children.

Coming to see a solicitor to talk about your position should not be seen by your partner as a hostile step and we will do what we can to see if we can resolve matters without worsening the relationship between you and your (former) partner.

The testimonials we are most proud of are those where clients have thanked us for the sensitive and helpful way that we have handled matters.

There are a number of alternative ways in which negotiations can be conducted and we refer to the pages below in which we explain each of these.

Not all will be suitable.  Some of them require a degree of goodwill from your partner and we recognise that in some circumstances court proceedings will be the only way forward. Our family team includes a collaborative law specialist, Emma Hamilton Cole. We will be happy to talk you through the alternatives so you can decide which is best for you.

The main alternatives ways of resolving matters are: –

a) Solicitors negotiation.
b) Mediation.
c) The Collaborative process.
d) Court proceedings.
e) Arbitration.

For more information about collaborative law or to make an appointment please ask for Emma Hamilton Cole.