Suzanne Kadziola

Practice Manager

About Suzanne
Suzanne is our Practice Manager and her good natured enthusiasm keeps the firm operating successfully.

Suzanne’s roles within the firm are multitudinous.  She runs the accounting side of the firm with precision and is happy to discuss matters with clients if there are any issues or queries they may have.

She is in charge of the marketing of the firm including dealing with advertising and sponsorship and the running of a number of the firm’s events.

Within the firm she deals with financial compliance, staffing issues, maintenance of the building and the maintenance of the equipment and computer systems.

In the Office
Such is Suzanne’s central role in the successful running of the firm she joined the partnership as a non-solicitor partner in 2011.

Outside of the Office
Suzanne lives in Highcliffe with her son and partner and is a connoisseur of the more sophisticated eateries in the Christchurch area. She also loves gardening.

Contact Suzanne 01202 484242