Solicitor Negotiation

This is probably the most common way to deal with matters.

We will take your instructions, obtain the background details of the situation from you and discuss and advise you on the way forward.

We will then exchange views with the solicitor acting for your partner.  This is normally done by letter or email and occasionally by telephone calls.  They can then discuss matters with their client and respond.

As the correspondence progresses, any disagreements are identified and the issues are narrowed and often the correspondence will result in matters being resolved.

This method of resolving disputes is flexible in terms of timing and pace and enables us to advise you fully at each step of the way towards a negotiated settlement.

Sometimes, if it is felt appropriate, a round table meeting can be fixed. This means will we accompany you to a meeting with your partner and their solicitor to discuss matters.  This can be useful if we feel that such a meeting is going to be positive and take matters forward, but there is no compulsion at all on having such a meeting, especially if you have any concerns about doing so.

If matters can be agreed, then it would be normal to draw up a formal agreement for both parties to sign.

On financial settlements following a divorce the agreement can be incorporated into a Court Order. This involves us drawing up the settlement and submitting it to the court for approval. In most cases where both parties have been advised by Solicitors, the court will approve settlements that have been reached and there is no need for anyone to actually attend court.

If negotiations do not resolve the matter, we can consider whether an alternative method of negotiation would help or alternatively whether it is going to be necessary to issue a court application.