Unmarried Couples

The breakdown of a relationship can be just as painful and difficult whether or not you are married.

However if you are not married, very different rules apply to how financial matters are dealt with.

There is still a widely held misunderstanding that if you have lived together for a certain number of years, you will have similar rights to those of a married couple.  Unfortunately that is not the case.

However this does not mean that if a relationship breaks down there are no rights.

In particular: –

  • If there is property in the sole name of one party, the other party may still have claims if promises and contributions have been made.
  • If there is jointly owned property, you still needs to decide how that property should be dealt with. Must the property be sold and if so how should the proceeds be divided? If it is not sold, who can live there and on what basis?
  • If there are children, then as well as agreeing the future arrangements for them, there is the issue of child maintenance and also, in certain circumstances, the possibility of making a claim under the Children Act for capital provision for those children.

These claims are not straightforward and our firm advice is for you to make an appointment to come in to see us to discuss your situation.

Our initial fixed fee interview will give you an opportunity to have a discussion with us about what claims may or may not be available to you.