The Importance of Writing a Good Will

The Importance of Writing a Good Will
05 Jul 2019

The number of will disputes across the UK are on the increase, with a record number 227 disputes reaching the High Court in 2018. At Williams Thompson, we understand that the passing of a loved one is a distressing experience, only made worse by the stressful event of disputing the assets in the aftermath. However, with the assistance of a Solicitor and the drafting of a good, clear will, such disputes can be avoided.

Will disputes – why are they increasing?

Over the past few decades, the modern family set up has become more diverse than ever. Second marriages and step siblings are more commonplace which means more people, more claims and more complexity. Property prices are also continuing to rise and, with more money at stake, there is a higher chance of dispute.

When writing their own will, a person often fails to consider certain circumstances that could affect the validity of their will. For example; the effect of divorce and remarriage on the will; what would happen in the event that a beneficiary pre-deceases the will writer; or how to successfully make changes to a will to ensure that the will does not fail when it is read.

Prevention over fixing – writing your will with a solicitor

To safeguard against disputes over the drafting of a will, it is advisable to seek the instructions and advice of a Solicitor. A slight mistake in the wording of a will may cause confusion and ambiguity, which could result in instructions not being followed or even render the will invalid.

Furthermore, if your Estate deals with more complex issues, for example if you have a business you wish to leave to someone, own property abroad or have people other than your family who are financially dependant on you, it is best to seek advice from a solicitor when writing your will.

Using a solicitor is far more beneficial in the long run. You will be legally protected if something goes wrong, and, on top of that, you can relax in the knowledge that your will is being stored safely and secure from damage. The law surrounding inheritance can be complicated but with the assistance of a solicitor you can feel assured that your will has been drafted effectively and in accordance with your wishes.

If you are thinking of preparing a will, please contact us. To discuss your specific circumstances, we suggest that you have a meeting with one of our solicitors or experienced assistants.

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