Mediation for family disputes

Mediation for family disputes
13 Jul 2015

For many families, sorting out arrangements for time with their children, or how to share finances when there’s a separation is challenging.  Emotions run high and discussions can be difficult.  Breakdowns in communication can make matters worse, and the stress of the situation overall impacts on everyone including children and wider family.

For some families, mediation offers a real opportunity for discussions about these important issues to take place in a safe and civilised environment.  We understand that stress makes it harder to really hear what is being said and the mediation room can be a good place to make a start having better conversations.  Mediation offers a flexible and managed way to negotiate time with children or financial splits.  Our mediators are also family lawyers, which enables us to provide good legal information in our mediation meetings, neutrally and for the benefit of all participants.

We offer a no obligation mediation intake appointment, to learn more about how we work as mediators, and about mediation itself, as well as formal MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings) required for Court applications.  For more information please call Emma Hamilton Cole on 01202 484242, or e mail