No-Fault Divorce – first anniversary, 6 April 2023

No-Fault Divorce – first anniversary, 6 April 2023
11 Apr 2023

To mark the first anniversary of the #NoFaultDivorce we’re joining @Family Solutions Group UK and Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division, in calling for an end to the
use of ‘battle’ language and the term ‘custody’ following a family separation. Taking the ‘fight’ out of family separation is long overdue to protect children.

We commend the words of Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division:
“It’s blindingly obvious that the language we have been using is not appropriate and only goes to stoke the minds of those in a combative mindset, rather than direct them in a
different way.” “…this is not a custody fight, it’s a coming together of parents to work together to reduce the impact on their children and help them resolve their issues about the arrangements for their children, in as low a temperature as possible.”

The FSG’s Language Group carried out a survey and various polls with those working with separating families to find out which words are harmful and helpful, and to better understand
how language impacts separating parents and their children. The survey found that:
• 99% of professionals said the language legal professionals use affects separating clients’ mindsets and their behaviour.
• Professionals say that the biggest obstacles to changing family separation language are habit, and client expectations.
• 99% of professionals said that small changes in language could make a difference to a child’s experience following their parents’ separation.

Share our message and join us in putting an end to the use of combative language in family separation, replacing words like custody and dispute with family-focussed language and,
where appropriate, collaboration, co-parenting, working together, and problem solving #LanguageMatters